Anjelita Cadena, Chair-Elect of the Denton County Democratic Party

Hola everyone! With experience in activism, party politics, corporate culture, entrepreneurship, technology, and education, I bring varied perspectives to the table. The Democratic Party is a richly diverse party and a leadership able to view issues from various viewpoints will be an advantage.

I am second eldest of ten, born in south Texas, raised in both Texas and Illinois. My first language is Spanish but I learned English from an early age thanks to my parent’s desire to make sure we were well equipped to excel in life.

Education and Experience

I was introduced to higher education through a program designed to introduce me to better job opportunities. It was my springboard to a college education that started with a BS in Mathematics from Texas A&I University, led to an MBA in Corporate Finance from the University of Denver, and, more recently, a PhD in Business Administration/Finance from the University of Texas as San Antonio.

I worked for my dad in his landscaping business from a young age. I worked my way through college with various jobs including broadcasting. I spent 20 years as a computer scientist for Texaco with my final position in Midland Texas as lead of IT for the Permian Basin (North and west Texas and Southeast New Mexico). I then formed my own real estate brokerage followed by other small businesses. After graduate school, I began a career in higher education and now work at the University of North Texas as a tenure track professor in Finance and Real Estate. I have three adult children and eight grandchildren.

Political Involvement/Activism

I have been politically active in civil rights since high school. In Midland, Texas I became active in the Democratic Party and found fellowship and mentorship in activism. Since then, I have been a strong advocate for equality of education and opportunities. I learned to work on boards of directors, how to network, and lead committees. I volunteered on campaigns, made phone calls, worked with databases, and gave presentations. When I moved to San Antonio, I was co-vice-chair of Tejano Democrats of Bexar County, Treasurer for NOW-San Antonio, Co-Founder and Communications Director for Proud Democrats of San Antonio. I was also involved with the Bexar County Democratic Party as a precinct chair, co-Chair of the Finance committee, member of the Communications Committee, and attended state conventions.
Once I moved to Denton I joined HD 64 Democratic Club and became treasurer for Democratic clubs and candidates. As Vice-President for Latino Democrats, I helped write their bylaws, form the organizational structure, and with candidate recruitment, mentoring, and training. In 2016, I organized a candidate forum for United Democrats of Denton County, a coalition of five special interest Democratic clubs.

DCDP’s Strengths, Opportunities, Challenges

The party’s current strength is the number of long-time activists who are determined to turn Denton County BLUE, including the candidates, volunteers, and Democratic voters. The greatest opportunity before us now is the number of new activists who are stepping up to volunteer because of the outcome of the 2016 election. They want to do something! We have many new activists now running for office, registering voters, staffing campaigns, protesting, visiting the capital, and so much more.
Our challenge is to combine the strength of our long-time activists and the opportunity provided by the new activists and new groups such as Indivisible Denton and Denton Vote Group.

One step at a time

I am a proponent of education and mentoring and I will strengthen DCDP and engage voters by emphasizing both. Providing training and mentoring will build the capacity of our progressive movements for both our current work and to amplify our future impact.
  • Invest in our candidates and potential candidates to develop a deep bench that will allow individuals to become great servant leaders and grow into candidates with experience when they run for city, county, state, or federal elected positions. It is not enough to just have candidates on the ballot, we must provide training, help them get petitions signed, let voters know they are running (see my webpage, develop resources to provide answers to their questions, and help them find campaign staff.
  • Mentor volunteers and provide training to be effective in their roles, help them reach their goals and, help them mentor others.
  • Train and empower precinct chairs, group and club leaders, and activists - Workshops with a practical focus on running effective meetings, communications, reaching voters, among other topics.
  • Publicize our values to engage voters. Frame the Democratic Party narrative on issues so that more Denton County residents will understand where we stand.
New groups such as Indivisible Denton are great resources for the local party and I will fully reach out to and engage with existing groups. I expect to see all the party, group, and club leadership getting together on a regular basis to share information and ideas, and implement plans. Additionally, I will strive for effective and timely communication by DCDP up, down, and across volunteers, groups, public, events, and calendars.

On behalf of myself, my team #DentonCountyForward, and all candidates on the primary ballot, PLEASE VOTE!
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